Terms of Service

Indemnity Agreement

The SellMiCell website and iOS App are designed for the purpose of allowing users to sell and purchase iPhone and iPad devices. In undertaking to use the services of the SellMiCell website and iOS App, the user is solely responsible for any financial transactions and the user accepts any, and all, associated risk and impact. The user understands and accepts that there are risks involved in conducting financial transactions with strangers. The user agrees not to sue or hold responsible the developer(s) and/or employees of SellMiCell for any liability, financial or otherwise, resulting from any trades conducted using SellMiCell. Users are advised not to wire any money, to deal directly for any exchange of goods/money and to meet any strangers in a crowded place. SellMiCell uses a third-party supplier for email services and does not make any commitments or guarantees regarding Ad notifications.

Privacy Policy

SellMiCell does not collect or store any data or analytics other than that provided directly by the user during registration process, Ad creation or saving searches. The SellMiCell team are committed to protecting your privacy and will never spam its users. The only automated emails that users will receive are relating to activation codes, password resets and Ad Alert notifications for any iDevices that they may have created Saved Searches for. All user passwords are stored in an encrypted format and SellMiCell employees do not have access to unencrypted versions of these passwords. Users’ emails and phone numbers will be visible to everyone through any Ads posted by these users. Emails are verified during the registration process and may not be changed once an account has been created for a user.

Content and Abuse

The owner(s) and employees of SellMiCell are not responsible for the content of any photos posted online for the Ads. Any user found to be engaged in abusive behaviour shall have his/her account suspended indefinitely.